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It is the art of removing fine facial hair by the use of coiling and uncoiling action of a cotton thread. Initially believed to be originated in the Middle East, this method is now practiced in the whole of South Asia and South East Asia and is slowly spreading it’s wings in the West as well. Threading is less time consuming than tweezing, so you can have those perfectly arched brows in no time. This approach to facial hair removal can be utilized for both normal and sensitive skin. Avail the services of our expert threading artists for that perfect facial profile.

Laser Hair Removal

Pulsed LASER has been approved for hair removal by FDA since 1997 and is being extensively used worldwide for the same. Pulses of light of a specific wavelength and pulse duration are used for targeted destruction of the hair follicle while keeping the surrounding skin unharmed. The speed and efficacy of LASER is so commendable that it acts on a group of hair in a fraction of a second. It can be used effectively for permanent reduction in the hair growth and on any part of the body. Most suitable and safe method for facial hair removal, beard sculpting, hair removal from bikini area or any other part of the skin.

Hydra Facial

As a minimally invasive technique for the rejuvenation of your skin for that youthful glow, Hydra Facial is becoming popular day by day. Ideal for all skin types, it mainly acts on clogged pores, wrinkles, skin pigmentation and fine lines. It employs easy methods of cleansing, exfoliation, peeling and extraction in such an innovative way that you will be amazed by the results. There is no visible inflammation post-treatment so no redness or dark spots. Try Hydra Facial for that bright, soft, supple and hydrated skin.


Waxing is the method of semi-permanent hair removal which utilize hot or cold wax that sticks to the hair to be later pulled out by a waxing strip. The hair are removed from the roots and don’t show up for at least two to eight weeks. It is mostly used to de-hair large areas of skin like arms, under-arms, legs, thigh area and so on. Removing hair from the bikini line is done by using Brazilian bikini wax to get a long lasting glabrous finish. The skin is also exfoliated and de-tanned in the process, thus, leaving your skin bright and glowing for long. Get those smooth arms and legs in a flash.


Beautify your skin by signing up for our facial services. A variety of skin treatments like steam application, exfoliation, extraction and moisturization are cooped up in our facial packages such as European facials and mini facials. Our facials aim at complete cleansing of the skin, unclogging the pores and removal of the dead layer of epidermis to give you that never- like -before glow. Make use of any one of our specialized facials varying according to the different skin types. Let your skin breathe in the luxurious facial massages delivered by our talented team of experts.

Photo Facial

Photo Facial utilizes intense pulses of light to trigger the constriction of collagen and blood vessels below the epidermal layer. It is mainly used to reverse skin damage due to sun exposure such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and excessive tan. It is effective in removing the freckles to give that even tone to the skin. Also it helps cure acne by killing the acne-causing bacteria. Visit our facility to benefit from our Photo Facial packages and get the flawless skin of your dreams.


As the name suggests, it is a rather deeper approach to exfoliate your skin. It is a new age technique which includes application of tiny rough grains to the outer layer of the skin. When the grains do away with the outermost layer of dead skin, the new skin comes alive from beneath that debris. It is mostly non-invasive and can be performed in a single sitting. Unlike dermabrasion, microdermabrasion is less invasive, less painful, hassle free and can be performed on all skin types. Book your appointment now to make the best of this technique for your skin.


Our hands are as important as our face. Very few things are as special as a touch from a loved one. We, at La Femme, make that touch of yours even more special. It is time to pamper your hands and quite rightfully though. Visit our spa and watch our skilled manicurists treat your hands just the right way. The manicures are done professionally keeping in mind your needs while maintaining proper hygienic conditions. We offer all types of manicure procedures from the French Manicure to Gel Manicure at reasonable charges. Give your hands the love they deserve.


Our feet are one of the most neglected parts of our body. Pollution, dehydration and improper care make heels callous, dry and cracked. If not taken care of properly, feet lose their beauty and our nails become brittle. Don’t ignore your feet. Visit our professional pedicurists to regain their lost glory. Proper dead skin removal procedures make the heels soft and smooth. Restore the lost sheen of your toe nails with our specialized nail serums designed to restore their beauty, heal them and make them glossy. Book your appointment to make your feet feather soft and beautiful.


A highly professional technique which includes manicuring, followed by application of a gel nail polish and finally curing the polish with UV or LED light. This makes the shellac or gel polish treatment last up to a month. Imagine not having to apply a single coat of your favorite nail paint for a whole month. No worries about chipping or cracking of your gel nail paint, just beautiful finish for 30 days. Have it done professionally at La Femme.


Our nails not only determine the beauty of our hands, they are also the mirrors of our health. It is quite imperative to keep them in the top shape by trimming and pushing the cuticles. Our specialized nail serums not only help restore the gloss of your nails but also improve their health by lessening the appearance of ridges, reducing their brittleness and making them strong from inside. Apart from nail health, nail beauty is also taken care of at la femme. Our esteemed nail artists can perfect a wide array of designs on the small canvas of your nails to make them party ready.